Audio Bible Project

South Africa consists of 50 million people, has 11 official languages, and the national anthem is sung using the five most common, namely Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Afrikaans and English. The majority of South Africans speak a minimum of two languages and we personally know many who speak three or more! Pretty impressive, right?

Based in the North West Province of the country we have the incredible privilege of working primarily with Setswana speaking people. The Tswana culture is an oral/aural culture that places high value on community, story-telling, music and dance. In order to provide the Bible contextualized to the culture (low literacy or non-reading), we decided to record the Setswana Bible into an audio format.

Matt Meng and his team are working in partnership with Davar ( to record the Setswana Bible into an audio format. Once complete, the recorded version will be placed onto audio players and then distributed.

If you wish to partner with Matt and Davar in getting the word of God out to more people in a language and context that is relevant, please contact him at

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