Tsegofatso Tutoring

We all know that poverty exists but we’re not always aware of the effects that poverty has on a community of people or the number of challenges it brings to those who live under it’s oppressive power. It’s a sad truth but children are the ones most deeply affected in these environments.

Father’s leave households to work in distant locations for months or years at a time in order to provide for their families. Single-parent or child-led households are a commonality in many of these areas. Sexual immorality and drunkenness sweep through these societies as people seek solace from the pain, shame and hopelessness of poverty. For many of these children the only hope of a future is a good education, which is difficult to come by as schools are run down, text books and other resources are not readily available and many teachers themselves don’t have the necessary qualifications or abilities to prepare this next generation for the future that lies ahead.

The Tsegofatso Tutoring program was established in Phokeng in October 2012 to assist the children in our projects with their English, spelling, and reading. It has been amazing to see the extraordinary progress these children have made in such a short time. What can be more rewarding than seeing a smile over a new achievement, a test passed, or the realization that “I am smarter than I thought?” Education is just one way to see children empowered and communities transformed. Through giving a small amount of time, you can make a huge difference in the life of a child.

You DO NOT need to be a qualified teacher to get involved.

Areas of need:

  • Grade 1 – 3: reading stories / creative activities / mathematical skills.
  • Grade 4 – 7: English reading and comprehension / Mathematics.
  • Grade 8 – 12: Mathematics and Science.

Please contact us if you wish to play a role in making a difference in the lives of these kids.

lynette@ywamrustenburg.org or +27 72 311 0712

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